Ministry Emphasis

bullet Preaching
bullet Holiness
bullet Family Ministry
bullet Youth Ministry

Ministry Format

bullet  Camp meetings, Retreats
bullet  Crusades, Revivals
bullet  Faith Promise, Pulpit Supply
bullet  Global Evangelism
bullet  Multi-Cultural Ministry
bullet  Trans-Denominational

Ministry Skill

bullet Preaching
bullet Tenured Evangelist


About Our Ministry ...

It has been exciting and humbling to minister extensively in evangelism in Mexico, Canada, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Ukraine, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

I am a full-time tenured evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene. We pastored churches for 21 years, and I have served as an evangelist for 20 years. This has given us a wide range of experience. My ministry has taken me across the United States in revivals, camp meetings, retreats, missionary tours, faith promise weekends, banquets, youth camps and special evangelistic services.

It has been exciting and humbling to minister extensively in evangelism in Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Spain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. My desire is to bring revivalism and evangelism to the church through a preaching style that is bible based, relevant and frequently humorous to connect and communicate.

I have preached in many venues and denominations including the Church of the Nazarene, United Methodist, Free Methodist, Wesleyan, The Missionary Church, Evangelical Church of North America, Church of Scotland, Baptist and other interdenominational churches.

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Revival In Newell, WV

dave perkinsThank you Lord for the amazing week You blessed us with. We had an awesome time in revival with Rev. Michael Adams and his lovely wife, Elizabeth. God was with us, thank you Jesus.
Mike and Elizabeth, we love you and will continue to pray for you and your family.
Dave Perkins

Mike Adams at KMBC

adamsTenured Evangelist, Michael D Adams preaching in the Luce Chapel at Kentucky Mountain Bible College in April, 2013. Mike and Elizabeth graduated from KMBC (then KMBI) in 1973. If you are interested in KMBC check out their website at:
KMBC graduates are serving around the world as pastors, evangelists, church administrators,
missionaries, nurses and Christian educators in over 50 nations of the world.

On The Road 

We just got home from a fourteen week run on the road. We left Orlando the last week of February and made it back on May 26! We had meetings in Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan and West Virginia. Services were blessed along the road with anointing, joy, and victories among the folk.

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Ga District Men's Retreat

It was a little sketchy at first. Driving out, and out, and out into the Georgia countryside. Finally, cell phone coverage disappeared. Then the sign for Adrian, Georgia, and at last the sign for the Nazarene Camp and Conference Center! We had made it from Orlando, Florida to retreat!

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